Riverdale School students wear a uniform which can be purchased through Academy Apparel. Please contact the office if you have any queries.

The following methods are used to communicate information to the school community:

  • Assemblies
  • Newsletter issued every second Friday
  • Hero App
  • School Website
  • Parent Teacher Association meetings (Tuesday Evening 7:30pm  – usually twice per term)
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Kanohi ki the Kanohi – Parent Teacher Interviews (Terms One and Three)

We offer several support programmes for children who require additional assistance. These programmes are conducted during classroom hours and may encompass Literacy, Mathematics, social skills, and motor skills development.

We provide support for students with Very High Needs or those funded through the ORS (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme) who are in-zone. These students have personalised programmes tailored to their individual needs, and we aim to integrate them into their classrooms as much as possible, ensuring they spend adequate time in their learning environments.

Riverdale School does not support the handing out of worksheets and time-filling activities for homework. We encourage our kids to get on with playing and learning through doing as they have had a full day of focussed work. Many students can access learning through class blogs and websites and continue learning and inquiry from home.

We do have a policy of “targeted filling the gaps activities” for home and school if deemed appropriate by the teacher.

Learning that may be set up by the teacher between home and school could include;

  • Reading mileage
  • Spelling lists
  • Basic facts recall
  • Writing mileage
  • Phonics/sight words 

Home Learning is an option for those children and families that desire it through a list of online resources via classroom blogs and websites that can be accessed freely. We have students who have access to StudyLadder and Khan Academy. Students take part in ‘Explore and Creativity’ during school hours and often want to continue their thinking outside of school because of natural curiosity, this is encouraged and is called authentic learning.

As students move through Riverdale School they have tasks and learning that extend into the home; Quiddage, SDL or SDL tasks, Inquiry, personal investigations and proposals.

Other options are; reading library books that your child brings home, cooking or play games together, board games, team sport, music or drama lessons, Scouts, Girl Guides or just the old fashioned notion of getting outside and having some fun.

If you are really intent on practice then there are a number of workbooks that you can purchase in bookshops.  Remember our children have already put in a full day’s work before they get home to you.

We have a Medical Room available for children who require first aid or a place to wait for their parents to collect them if they are ill or injured. If your child falls ill during school hours, we will contact you to arrange for them to go home. We also have visits from the Public Health Nurse, who will contact you if necessary.

Regarding medication, only medication prescribed by a registered practitioner can be administered at school. If your child requires medication during school hours, a consent form must be completed by the parent/caregiver at the office. Medication will be kept at the office, not in classrooms.

In case of accidents, we will arrange for medical attention if necessary and notify you immediately. Please ensure that we always have your up-to-date telephone number and an emergency backup number.

Lastly, dental treatment is available to all children regularly. If required, a dental therapist can be contacted at 358 0547 (PNINS Dental Clinic).

At Riverdale School, we follow our Digital Technology and Online Safety policy to create a learning environment that promotes the safe and responsible use of digital technology. Students may bring their own device to school for learning to enhance their digital literacy. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy applies to devices that are:

  • owned by parents/caregivers
  • leased to parents/caregivers by the school
  • leased to parents/caregivers through an external company

Conditions of use:

Students in years 4-6 may bring their own device to school to enhance their learning, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The student and their parent/caregiver read and sign the school BYOD agreement and comply with the expectations and responsibilities set out in the agreement. Students are also expected to comply with our Digital Technology Use Agreements.
  • The device is suitable for the purpose. It needs to be wifi capable, have a screen size no less than 7″, and come to school fully charged.
  • Parents/Caregivers record the serial number of the device, and are responsible for its insurance and maintenance


If a student breaches the BYOD agreement, they may lose the privilege of bringing their own device to the school. We inform parents/caregivers about the breach, as appropriate. Our response is guided by the following policies and procedures.

License Levels

Riverdale School has a Behaviour Management System in place to help students develop the skills and attitudes needed to be successful learners, while also promoting a safe and fair environment for all. The system is based on teaching students how to operate in their classroom space and work well with each other and aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies.


Time Out

Teachers may use their discretion to ‘Time Out’ students for a time they deem appropriate to deter or remind them of their behaviour.


Student Warning System

If a student has an incident in or out of the classroom, a detailed record is placed in our Student Management System – HERO, and a ‘warning’ is issued to deter them from repeating the behaviour. If a student continues to exhibit negative behaviour, they may be placed in Lunch Club, supervised by the Management Team, and restricted from accessing the playground. Our teachers track and manage repeated negative behaviour.



The Steps System has three levels. For Level One, a letter is written to parents and held on file. For Level Two, a letter is sent home, and the student may be placed in Lunch Club or have limited playground access. For Level Three, a phone call is made to parents to inform them that their child will not have a ‘Right Choice Day’ due to their behaviour.


Ara Uenuku

Ara Uenuku is a space where students who find it difficult to master social skills, can go during lunch periods. A staff member monitors the space and guides students to help them improve their social skills.  This is a safe place with activities available.


Right Choice Day

At the end of each term, a ‘Right Choice’ Day is held to celebrate students who have made good choices and put learning first throughout the term. Students on STEP 3 or those who have had a major incident/issue in the final week of school may be excluded.


Behaviour Process

The library is open at break times.  We encourage all children to take out books regularly.  Please help us to look after our collection by providing children with a plastic bag or use their ‘Book Bag’ for carrying books and by ensuring they take good care of the books they have on loan.  Books should be returned promptly.

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) refers to all events that take place outside the classroom, whether on or off the school premises, including curriculum-related, sports, and cultural activities. The management of EOTC falls within our safety management system and planning and consent requirements may vary depending on the nature of the activity and the risk assessment.

Our EOTC activities align with and support the New Zealand Curriculum, and we take great care during the planning and preparation phase to minimize risks and ensure that each student has a positive experience.

We follow the policies and procedures outlined in School Docs for our EOTC activities. To view our policies, please visit the following website and use the login credentials provided:

Username: riverdale

Password: empowering

We kindly ask all visitors to sign in and out using VisTab at the office.

We often have individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Student Teachers, Public Health Nurses, Police officers, Secondary School students, and outside experts, who may work within the school community for various purposes.

We require all volunteers going to camp to undergo Police Vetting as part of our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students.