At Riverdale School, we place great importance on nurturing every aspect of our students’ growth and development by offering a comprehensive range of opportunities across our curriculum.

Riverdale School offers a diverse range of sports activities, featuring its own Rippa Rugby teams, Basketball, Hockey, Flipperball, Netball, and Table Tennis. We are consistently expanding our Sports Programme throughout the year to incorporate additional options.

Our enthusiastic staff take delight in observing students embrace sports. They lead teams and accompany student groups for lunchtime games, as well as organise after-school practices and participate in local Inter-School competitions.  We have wonderful parents and caregivers who kindly donate their time to assist us in coaching and managing our sports teams.  

Riverdale School hosts its own Swimming Sports, Cross Country, and Athletics events, where students from Year 4-6 have the opportunity to qualify for Inter-school Competitions in these disciplines. Additionally, we partake in the annual Ricoh Tournament, where Year 5-6 students compete across six different sporting codes with other Palmerston North Schools.

You can find out more about the sports offered at Riverdale School by clicking the link to the Sports Hub Portal.

During the swimming season, all children are expected to participate in swimming instruction unless excused by a note from a parent or caregiver. Children need to have named clothing for swimming, and we greatly appreciate their independence in changing. Our pool is diligently filtered, maintained in top condition throughout the summer, and heated for comfortable swimming sessions.

When the weather is cool, the teacher will assess whether swimming activities will take place. Therefore, students need to bring their swimming gear every day.

We operate Explorers groups for pupils with identified abilities in various curriculum areas.   Explorers groups include; Te Puawai Maori Cultural Group, choir, academic and sporting groups, the Arts, and Dance groups. As students move up through the school they generally have greater access to Explorers programmes.

At Riverdale School, we prioritise involving students in Outdoor Education. Each year, our Year 5-6 students embark on a camp experience typically lasting two nights and three days. 

Furthermore, students in other years actively engage in various outdoor activities beyond the classroom setting. Details regarding upcoming Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) events are communicated well in advance to ensure everyone is informed and prepared.

Enviroschools is an environmental action based programme where young people are empowered to design and lead sustainability projects in their schools.  Riverdale School is an Enviroschool.  We have a keen Enviro Team led by Mrs Janine McIntyre.  In 2022, Riverdale School was awarded Bronze status.

Poutama and Pounamu Atawhai actively engage in a unique Financial Literacy programme aimed at imparting practical knowledge about economics and life skills. Within this initiative, students have the opportunity to earn currency, known as ‘snidges’, within their classrooms by undertaking additional tasks. Subsequently, they can use their accumulated ‘snidges’ to establish their own business enterprises, which may involve selling goods, providing services, or organising events.

Market Days, typically scheduled for Fridays, serve as platforms for students to showcase their entrepreneurial ventures. While Poutama and Pounamu Atawhai classes predominantly participate in this programme, other classes may choose to become involved to varying degrees.

Selina McCallum, one of Deputy Principals, oversees the Student Leadership Programme at Riverdale School, where Year 5-6 students who display potential as leaders are given opportunities and training in various areas. These include Road Patrol, Peer Mediation, Sport Explorers, PE Shed Monitors and Communications Team.

The Communication Team is selected at the conclusion of each year through nominations from teachers and an application process. Students must have attained Level 5 Independence License level to lead the school and participate in this group. The Comms Team helps to coordinate numerous events, assemblies, and contribute articles for the Riverdale School YearBook.

As students progress through our school, we actively encourage them to embrace increased responsibilities and leadership opportunities. Year Six students, in particular, are assigned specific tasks aimed at assisting with various aspects of school operations. These responsibilities encompass roles such as librarians, peer-mediators, overseers of green flags, messengers, paper stackers, hall seating monitors, and road patrollers.

This emphasis on assigning roles and fostering leadership skills reflects our commitment to cultivating a culture of active participation and contribution among our students at Riverdale School.

Every year a new team of trained mediators is available in the playground at break times to help children solve disputes.  If your child tells you they have problems during these times, please encourage them to seek a peer mediator for assistance.  Major problems should be taken to staff that are on duty at all times.  Our duty teachers wear a high-vis jacket in the playground so they are easily identifiable to the children.

Our Year 6 students become eligible for Road Patrol which is a trained job through NZ Police. In Term 4, the keen Year 5’s undergo training and a number will be selected for Road Patrol as a Year 6.  Students need to commit at least one day per week across the whole school year, either in the morning or afternoon. This job is for students who can turn up on time and have the confidence to control the traffic outside the school gates.  The Road Patrollers are always supported by a staff member.