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Our first assembly this year will be Week 4;

Term One

Week 4: Pae Ake

Week 6: Poutama

Week 8: NO Assembly - Camp Week

Week 10: Pounamu Atawhai

Term Two

Week 2: Piako 2

Week 4: Piako 1

Week 6: No Assembly - Cross Country

Week 8: Pae Ake

Week 10: No Assembly - Right Choice Day

Term Three

Week 2: Poutama

Week 4: Piako 2

Week 6: Pounamu Atawhai

Week 8: Piako 1

Week 10: No Assembly - Right Choice

Term Four

Week 2: Pae Ake

Week 4: Pounamu Atawhai

Week 6: Poutama

Week 8: Certificate Assembly - Volunteer Thank you luncheaon

Week 9: Final Assembly



Upcoming Events


Please see the PDF below outlining the PNINS Open Days for 2017.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Please use the link below to go to the School Interview site where you can book interviews with your child's Whanau Teacher. The school will close early, 12:30pm on Wednesday 9th August for the interviews to be completed. Please make arrangements for your children to be picked up at this time.

School Interviews Site LINK

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Elective Option Volunteers

This is a call for all Volunteers for our Electives Programme which will be happening Term 4, Week 2 on Thursday 26th October and Friday 27th October from 12pm-2:45pm.

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ICAS International Exams

These exams start this term with ICAS Digital Technologies on Tuesday 23rd May. Ms Harnett will work with students the day before to teach the skills needed to take the exam.

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Interschool Events

Many of our senior students will be involved in upcoming Interschool Events. Please see below for dates;

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