New Entrants
How we help

It is a help to your child's transition to school if they are confident to manage the following before starting:

     Knows own name & address well enough to repeat when necessary.
     Hold a pen correctly.
     Knows how to print own name (with a capital ONLY as the initial letter).
     Is able to relate well to other children and adults. Sharing, caring and negotiating  skills are required to function in this social context.
     Puts away toys and materials after using them.

 Knows how to put on and do up shoes and own coat. Please NO shoes with laces unless they can tie them themselves.
     Knows how to flush the toilet, and wash hands afterwards.
     Use scissors.
     Listen to and enjoy stories.
     Ask questions
     Can manage lunch without help.

Enroling and Transition

Please enrol your child well before starting day.  They can then be invited to attend Transition to School classes to ease their first days in this new environment. Children may begin school the day they turn five or any day afterwards. They must be attending a Primary School once they turn 6 years old.  Please bring a birth certificate as a proof of age as well as your child’s immunisation certificates to complete the enrolment.

Transition visits are scheduled prior to your child starting and the Teacher in charge of transition will contact you. During this time children are introduced to the school environment and they take part in a variety of early fun activities and meet the teacher. We would like children to have four visits before starting school. Stationery for New Entrants can be purchased through the school office.  We suggest this is organised during your transition visits so your child arrives ready to start. On the first day of Transition Class you will be given a Starting School Handbook with all the information about uniforms.

If you are intending to buy a school bag, please ensure it is big enough to hold a lunch box, drink bottle, reading bag, library book and polar fleece.

Starting School

We suggest you try to arrive at school 10 to 15 minutes before 9am to give your child time to chat to the teacher and friends and to put things away before the bell.  Arriving right on 9 o’clock can be unsettling for both the child and the class.

Hearing and vision testing is carried out on all children during their first year at school and in other years if requested by a parent or teacher.  You will be contacted if any problems are detected.

From their first day children are encouraged to bring home a reading book.  To protect reading books children need to bring their book bags to school daily.

After six weeks at school you will receive a report letting you know how your child is settling in.

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