School Reporting

We are required to provide updates on the progress and achievement of students to their parents. These updates will be delivered through the HERO app.

If you need any assistance with signing up, please contact your child’s whānau teacher.

All meetings between parents and teachers will be scheduled using the Hero App and will be communicated through the newsletter and the website. These meetings are mandatory since they provide an excellent opportunity for teachers, parents, and students to collaborate. If you’re unable to attend, please make an appointment outside of these

During this meeting, the teacher will share the following information with you:

  • Your child’s areas of strength and interests 
  • Areas where your child needs help and the support they’re receiving to address those needs 
  • Information about our School Beliefs and your child’s attitude

This joint learning conversation will involve the student, teacher, and parents/caregivers. During this meeting, the following will be discussed: 

  • Assessment data through Inquiry for Literacy and Numeracy
  • An update on your child’s progress in our Ngā Mātāpono Beliefs: Leadership, Excellence, Self-Management Skills, and Creativity 
  • A mutually agreed-upon next step or goal 
  • Information on how you can assist your child at home 

Reporting will be done through the HERO App: Your child’s Learner Profile will be updated regularly throughout the year to reflect their progress and mastery of their learning objectives and will include: 

  • Progress and Achievement Statements for Literacy, Numeracy, and other curriculum areas 
  • Assessment data for Literacy and Numeracy
  • Achievement tracking over time
  • Information about Ngā Mātāpono
  • Learning stories that celebrate your child’s achievements across multiple curriculum area