Behaviour Expectations
What to expect

License Levels

Students explicitly taught how to operate within each zone in their team and with each other using ongoing modelling from peer achievement. This system underpins skills and attitudes needed to be a successful learner, KC's and has the added benefit of a behaviour management tool for teachers.

Time Out

Teachers use their discretion and/or initiative to 'Time Out' children on the red lost property boxes for a time they deem appropriate. This should deter or remind most children.

Warning Book

A child's name is placed in this book when they have had an incident in or out of the classroom where a 'warning' will deter them from doing this again. The teacher on duty to gather the information and fill this in.

Lunch Club

Children who need to be removed from the playground as they have not changed their behaviour, or have had a major incident/issue will be put in lunch club. This is supervised by Management Team and no access to playground. 

Steps Book

This book is where the child is put on steps as they have repeated a behaviour previously warned about. Management completes and tracks this.

Step One: Write a letter home to be held on file

Step Two: The letter goes home & phone call home/lunch club and/or limited playground

Step Three: A phone call home to alert parents that there will be NO 'Right Choice Day' due to their behaviour

Ara Uenuku

This is a space for children who find it difficult to master the social skills in the playground to go during the lunch period, monitored by a staff member. The staff member will actively monitor children in the playground and in Ara Uenuku working with them to improve their social skills.

Right Choice Day

At the end of every term, on the final day we run a 'Right Choice' Day for the students who have put learning on top and have made good choices throughout the term. The only students excluded would be the students on STEP 3 or any student who had a major incident/issue in the final week of school.

Behaviour Process

Behaviour Plan - Riverdale School

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