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Principal - Debra Peck

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Debra Peck has been an innovative teacher, manager and principal in her journey through education. She has been the leader of Riverdale School for 17 years and for four years has been part of the New Zealand Principals Federation, which is elected by her peers. An active member of the Manawatu Principals Association, Debra’s passion is in the area of people where she leads her staff to become effective teachers and leaders.

Debra has led the charge with modern learning and has developed Riverdale School into a Innovative Learning Environment where you will find teachers and students with 21st Century skills and attitudes. Everyday, in every way, Debra is helping each child to reach their potential - this is what makes Riverdale School such a great place to be.

Ariki Piringatahi

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Ariki Piringatahi at Riverdale School consists of Debra Peck our principal and the two Deputy Principals; Jared Bron oversees the Year 4-6 area and Kelly Mercer oversees the Year 1-3. Each of the team has shared leadership and responsibilities in most areas of the school.

Kahui Piringatahi

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The Kahui Piringatahi; Sarah Best, Janine McIntyre, Jo Lunn and Christina Hobbs. The leadership team at Riverdale School are 'in class teachers' responsible for classroom routines, child well being and team organisation. It is part of our vision to help create an environment in which every staff member has the ability to grow as a leader and lead in their areas of strength/passions.

Teaching Teams

Piako Tahi

    Lauren Pyle            Cecilia Chaves
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Piako Rua

 Christina Hobbs            Travis Pike             Sarah Ruawai  

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Pae Ake

   Sarah Best            Kerry Bradshaw      Samanatha Fairbairn

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     Jo Lunn                  Mel Mabey             Tash Whitta

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Pounamu Atawhai

Janine Mcintyre          Nic Carter           Lynette Kenyon      Hannah Pedersen       

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Sue Meurk

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 Teacher Aides

  Lynne Mudge         Kelly Chrystal           Chris Spiers     Tracey LeQuesne-Pinfold       Pieta Higginson      Karina McHardy     Maryanne Smith
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Papa Jack Paki


   Christine Helm         Tracey Phillips

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Rachael Hehir
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Craig Soper
Maryanne Smith



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