School Reporting
Statutory Requirements

How it works

We are required to report to students and their parents on the student’s progress and achievement. Reporting to parents in plain language, in writing, must occur at least twice per year.

School Interviews:

All meetings between parents and teachers will be booked through the School Interview site and will be communicated through newsletter, App and website. These meetings are considered compulsory as it gives teachers, parents and students a wonderful opportunity to work together. If you are unable to attend then making a booking outside these times is expected.

Knowing Our Students Meetings - Term One:

The following is shared between the teacher and you:

Areas of strength and passions
Areas of need and what support your child is receiving to target these needs
Information around our beliefs and the child’s attitude; Competence, Creativity, Communication and Self Management Skills


Mid Year Kanohi ke ti Kanohi: (End of Term 2 or start of Term 3)
This joint learning conversation will involve the student, teacher and parents/Guradians of the students. A written report will accompany the discussion. This will include:

  • Assessment data through Inquiry for Literacy and Numeracy
  • A progress update for how your child is working within our Nga Matapono Values (Competency, Creativity, Effective communicating and Self Managing)
  • An agreed next step or Goal set by all in attendance
  • Information about how you can help at home


End of Year Report: (End of Term 4)
This report will include:

  • Assessment data for Literacy and Numeracy
  • Achievement against the National Standards tracked over time
  • (Above, At, Below or Well Below the Standard)
  • Information about Nga Matapono
  • Progress or Achievement Statement about learning in Literacy, Numeracy and strengths
  • Principal’s Comment


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